Grammar, Nazism?


I confess that though not a Nazi, I like correct vocabulary and comprehensible sentences. I allow for poetic liberties, yes. I take quite a few myself. I’m even good with most of the colloquial lingo. It is only when people say, “Anyways”, or “an year” or “no any” that I cringe. 

My right to cringe is under threat. Acceptance is the new way. While it is touching that we want to be inclusive- fallacies and all; it is essential that we don’t lose the whole idea of propriety.

Why? It is essential because we have spent millennia coming up with a structure to language. I agree that languages are supposed to evolve and that change is the only way ahead. However, do we need to annihilate the language in order to evolve?

I seek not perfection. All I ask is an acknowledgment that a structure exists. A violation of that intricate structure is… pointless. I speak, not only of English, but of all languages. I don’t ask that people from all walks of life speak fluently. Yet what is the harm in learning whenever an opportunity is offered? Why should we flaunt ignorance?
I strive for an acceptance of language as an art *and* a science. It is a field where one can achieve merit, isn’t it? Why, then can it not be used as one the many parameters of judgment? Why, pray, does grammar need to be torn apart?

Say, Shiva is an expert of… something. He does not have a rich vocabulary nor is his grammar perfect. However, he accepts it as one of his flaws. He motivates himself to compensate in his forte what he lacks in language. Though he doesn’t indulge in self-pity for his lack of fluency, he is open to learning. He doesn’t get defensive when he’s corrected. Be like Shiva.

Please? (See, told you I’m not a Nazi.)


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